Dead Effect 2 is the second game in the Dead Effect series. It was released on October 29th 2015. The game features another character namely Kay Rayner, and better visual and audio settings, as well as new weapons, such as the katana.

Plot Edit

The player wakes up on a surgery bed. Dr. Bielik appears on screen and tells the player character to move their head left, then right, posing as the tutorial. Soon, Danette wakes the player up, and they go through the healing process, then kill the first enemies. An enemy named a cyber dog attacks the player, then the player is introduced to Danette. The two discover a safe-house, and the player is tasked to find Micheal Steel aka "Minikin". While finding Minikin, the player is then tasked to find Dr. Bielik. While returning to the base, the player notices there is something in the air. It turns out soldiers tasked with killing the player and their team.