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Dead Effect is a game series set in future space (circa 2050 AD) colony ship ESS Meridian embarking on a voyage to the planet Tau Ceti to establish a human settlement. In the process of experimenting with superscience, clones, cyborg engineering, and other remarkable things, something goes horribly wrong. Clones now turn into zombies, wreaking havoc to all humans on board, monsters lurk in the shadows, and soldiers who volunteer to be experimented on are forced into cryostasis.

You are one such person and with the smell of death around you you must fight for survival in this mad space.

Dead Effect originally started as a IOS title in 2013 (Bulkypix, InDev Brain), But has seen a sequel in Dead Effect 2 two by Badfly interactive. these games are available on IOS, Android, PC, and PS4 in one way or another.

Basic features of the game:

-Sci-Fi FPS on multiple platforms (including VR for dead effect 2)

-Coop, PVP and Singleplayer (dead effect 2)

-RPG elements such as character levels leveled loot and leveled monsters

RECENT ACTIVITY[edit | edit source]

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